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In-house Recruitment Network Technology Conference roundup

February 18, 2019 3:09 pm by
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On 7th February, Neil Armstrong our Commercial Director was the guest speaker at the In-house Recruitment Network Technology Conference. He led a team from Tribepad who were there to talk about the hottest issues facing recruiters, including Brexit.

Key issues for recruiters in 2019

Inevitably, Brexit is at the forefront of many recruiters’ minds as they try and prepare for its impact. But there are several other key issues that recruitment teams are currently tackling.

In his talk, Neil picked out and highlighted three areas where the right technology can help solve a difficult problem if implemented correctly: competition for scarce talent, onboarding, and diversity and inclusion.

Competing for scarce talent

In a survey of Tribepad clients, 73% identified finding high calibre candidates as the number one issue facing recruiters in 2019. In certain sectors such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics, Brexit is increasing uncertainty. Nursing organisations in particular rely on candidates from the EU to supplement a scarce UK talent pool. Using recruitment technology can help in many ways:

  • Easy integrations to job boards via multi-posting services to get your ads in all the right places
  • Tools to automatically share vacancies on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Simple ways for candidates to join talent pools and apply, using social media profiles and CV parsing
  • Email and SMS notifications to help keep applicants engaged and reduce drop-out
  • Right-to-work and DBS checks integrated to help reduce time to hire


Onboarding new starters (including pre-boarding tasks for new hires) was identified as the second most important issue for in-house recruiters, with 49% saying onboarding is a priority this year.

Getting onboarding right means a delighted, engaged employee who is effective earlier and more likely to stay long term. Getting it wrong means frustration for employee and line manager and a much higher chance of the new-starter leaving within three months.

Either way the onboarding process can be a huge administrative overhead for the employee, recruiters, HR and line managers. Onboarding platforms reduce this burden, in one example delivering £250 savings in administration for typically £5 cost per hire. Onboarding platforms should include:

  • Ability to collect information from new starters – next of kin, bank details, uniform sizes, proof of identify, etc.
  • Ensure candidates have read and agreed to policies – health & safety, IT, etc.
  • Ability for new starters to review welcome and training videos
  • Line managers can track tasks such as ordering equipment, security passes, etc.
  • HR can track tasks such as adding to payroll and pension scheme
  • Ability to collect references from previous employers

Diversity & Inclusion

The last big topic at the conference which garnered lots of questions from the audience was how recruitment tech can help organisations deliver on diversity and inclusion agendas. As with all things, technology needs to be considered at the same time as process and people to make sure change happens, and sticks!

Tribepad showed examples of the increasing trend towards blind screening by anonymising candidates in early stages to avoid bias. Some Tribepad clients have seen an 18% increase in BAME (black, asian and minority ethnic) candidates at shortlist by using this technique.

We also showed how our Video Interview System is being used to screen candidates. It already has the ability to automatically create a text transcript of the video, and in the near future (when Alexa is a bit more accurate) this will allow for anonymous video screening where a reviewer doesn’t have to watch the video at all!

About the conference

The In-house Recruitment Network run a series of conference events every year, with the 2019 schedule starting with the recent Technology Conference. Speakers are on hand to share inspiring case studies and highlight some of the innovations that are currently having a significant impact on recruitment.

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