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Meet Vicky Wheatley – our Service Delivery Manager with a unique perspective on working with TribePad customers

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Our recent post about the success of video job ads talked about how important it is to pull back the curtain and show a little personality. That goes for us too, so the next person we want to introduce in our ‘meet the team’ series is Vicky Wheatley, Service Delivery Manager here at TribePad.

Don’t forget, you can learn more about the company behind our award-winning applicant tracking system (ATS) by reading the TribePad story. You can also say hello to Matt Ingram-Smith, our SaaS Consultant who we interviewed earlier this year.

A big thank you to Vicky for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer the following questions for us.

Vicky, what’s your role at TribePad?

I am a Service Delivery Manager – once a customer has signed a contract with us I will guide them through the launch process until their live date and then manage their relationship with TribePad day to day going forward.

Building relationships with customers is a big part of what I do. I manage any projects that we’re working on together and deal with any issues or queries they might have.

You previously used TribePad ATS when you worked for Tesco – what did you do and how did they use it?

I was Online Attraction Coordinator for Tesco – part of a team that looked after the ATS and careers website for Tesco and the links between the two. Tesco uses TribePad for all of their UK, Thailand and Malaysia recruitment, so it is a big part of their process. I helped manage how TribePad was used across Tesco as well as working on projects for bespoke development.

How does having been a TribePad user help you now you’re here?

It’s a great help. I was able to hit the ground running when I started as a Service Delivery Manager, as I already knew the system from working with it every day at Tesco. I think it has also worked well as I’m able to understand the perspective of TribePad customers. I know the challenges that they face, as they were my challenges in my previous role.

What made you want to join the TribePad team?

I’d known the team for a while through my old role and knew what a great atmosphere there was in the office. I also loved the idea of working for a smaller company. It’s great to feel like you’re really making an impact on the running of the business every day.

What are you currently working on?

I have a couple of new customers that I’m working with to set up on TribePad ATS over the next couple of months, so that’s keeping me pretty busy at the moment. Tesco is also making some really exciting changes to their recruitment process, so I’m working on a number of projects with them to make sure that TribePad can help make their candidate experience as good as possible.

What are the common problems recruiters face and how does TribePad help?

Finding quality candidates can sometimes be an issue, particularly with hard-to-recruit roles. Our CV search feature means that recruiters can easily search and filter candidates that are already registered to their ATS, so they know they are interested in working for the company.

Providing a good candidate experience can be challenging. TribePad makes it easy for recruiters to adapt the application process to suit the role – they can make it as quick and simple or as complex as required.

Being able to track performance and results is also really important for TribePad customers. Our Insights platform provides vital data about their roles and candidates, which means it is quick and easy to generate a report or track progress. It means important decisions can be made based on real data and candidate behaviour.

What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Learning about my different customers and their individual needs. Keeping track of all of the changes that each customer would like to make can be challenging at times, but it definitely keeps the job interesting!

Do you have a favourite TribePad feature?

I’m loving our new onboarding feature. I think it’s got lots of potential to really help our customers and their candidates and I’ve had lots of interest and positive feedback from customers.

What do you get up to outside of work?

I’ve just bought my first house, so I am spending most of my spare time at the moment either assembling flat pack furniture or painting walls. Besides that, I like to bake and the team is always up for trying my creations! So that I can keep eating the cake, I like to keep fit by going to the gym and for long walks with my dog Finn.


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TribePad ATS is an award-winning, mobile-first applicant tracking system used by some of the biggest organisations in the world. Learn more about its features and how it works or contact one of our team for an informal chat – just email or phone us on 0114 3122 110.

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