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Unprecedented Times

March 19, 2020 4:47 pm by
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To Everyone at Tribepad 

These are indeed unprecedented times. There are lots of anxious people around and I have no doubt that we are all being impacted in some way or another by what’s occurring right now. Yesterday, I had to move my father-in-law from the hospital back home as it’s safer for him there. I would never have believed I would see the day when a hospital feels unsafe to be in.

Then today my sister lost both of her part-time hospitality jobs with zero notice. And I doubt she will be able to find another, let alone two, any day soon. There are an estimated 2.4m people in a similar situation to her.

This week we saw a small amount of clients request that all current open roles be deactivated as they are no longer hiring. I expect many more businesses in the hospitality space to follow suit. We are hearing on the news that this situation is likely to be the norm for a couple of months and may last until next spring. We’re also hearing it may be an annual virus unless a vaccine can be found.

Some of our clients will face difficulties (retail & hospitality are going to be hit very hard) and we may lose business. But that is out of our control. We can only worry about the things that are in our control, like being able to support our clients, otherwise we’ll just go mad 😉

Some things will change and we will need to adapt.

But other things won’t change.  

I started this business because I didn’t / couldn’t work for a large company. When I was a teenager my father had cancer and whilst he was going through chemo he was made redundant. I still think that is one of the most dishonourable things I’ve ever witnessed.

We operate the business with the following in mind “People First, Product Second & Profits Third” and I won’t ever change that.

So if anyone is worried about redundancies then let me say that they are the furthest thing from my mind.

What we won’t be doing is recruiting any more people or doing any socials for a while ;-(. And unfortunately, I think that’s the default for a lot of businesses for the next couple of months.

We have policies in play with regard to sick leave and I think the current situation warrants us temporarily suspending them and stating we will pay full salaries even if people are off ill for the 2 weeks that the symptoms seem to last for. If anyone is off for longer then we have insurance in place that pays up to 75% of salaries. That policy change alone may end up costing us £100k but it’s the right thing to do. If we could just ensure that we are not all ill at the same time that would be helpful 😉

On a more morbid note – we all have death in service insurance that pays out 6x salaries.

We need to continue as much as we can “business as usual”. We need to ensure that when this is all over we haven’t just survived but we’re fighting fit and ready to take on the world. 

If partners or spouses don’t have businesses that are as accommodating, or they are self-employed and they lose their job / income and it causes financial issues, then come and talk to me and we’ll see what we can do to make life easier.

So bottom line. It’s an anxious time for sure but I don’t expect this business to add to that anxiety in any way.

Best wishes, 


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