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Tribepad have been awarded ‘Rising Star’ status by in their 2019 Customer Success Report for Video Interviewing. A Rising Star “..understands where the market is going and has disruptive technology”.

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Video interviewing shortens your hiring process. It’s cost-effective, maintains human interaction and ensures you find the highest quality candidates.

Tribepad’s clients have reported up to a 90% decrease in the time taken to implement their interviewing process from start to finish by using our video interview software. Our video interview platform integrates seamlessly with our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), as well as your current technology stack, and sits at the forefront of recruitment technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and social profiling features.

Don’t chain yourself to meeting room chairs for first stage interviews; experience the world of video interviewing.

  • Interview more candidates, faster and consistently
  • Interview anytime, anywhere, using any device
  • Identify the best talent quickly with candidate scoring and rating
  • Interview candidates in other countries, with built-in translations

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Video Interviewing on mobile

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“Time to hire has drastically decreased by 50% – Video Interviewing has been a game changer. It’s allowed us to meet our fill rate targets for high volume roles, we’re now consistently at 99%, and most importantly improving candidate experience.”
Jai Porter – Senior Recruiter, Conduit Global


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Interview anywhere

Anytime, anywhere

Gone are the days of being confined to a meeting room for first stage interviews. Our VI platform transcodes videos to work on any device, through any browser or platform, anytime, anywhere. For our clients, accessibility is key; the easier it is, the more likely a candidate is to apply.

Candidates: Record and perfect your video interview at home, at work or on the move. On phone, tablet or laptop – we’ve even had applications through Smart TVs and Games Consoles.

Recruiters: Don’t waste time battling with diaries or stressing about the dreaded meeting room shortage. You can review and score video interviews wherever and whenever you choose.

One-way or live two-way interviewing

Tribepad’s video interviewing platform now allows up to three recruiters or hiring managers to join a live video call with a candidate. Enabling simple one-to-one interviews or full panel-based assessments.

  • Works on almost any device in browser (no download needed). To improve completion rates
  • Built in house and is completely private, phew!
  • Record candidates video and all audio for reference and compliance (two-way)
  • Shared notes with each recording
  • Schedule and store recordings
  • Stay compliant and auditable
  • GDPR compliant
Live Video Interviewing panel

Video Interviewing Translations

Smart Translations

Our new Smart Translations makes it easy for recruiters to find talent internationally. Available in 11 languages, including Chinese and Arabic. But the really smart bit is that the candidate’s spoken answers can be translated quickly using AI-enabled speech-to-text transcription, back into English or any of the other available languages.

  • Hire across different territories
  • Streamline interviewing stages
  • Helps the candidate show their best selves, speaking the language they’re most comfortable expressing themselves in

Get to know your candidates

Candidate scoring

Use the candidate scoring, rating, auto-shortlist and auto-reject features to:

  • Set your own criteria to score against for each video interview
  • Quickly identify your top talent
  • Save time sifting through applications

Personality profiling

Use the AI, facial recognition, and speech analytics to:

  • Create personality profiles for candidates
  • Understand the emotional intelligence of your candidates
  • Find candidates with the perfect cultural fit
  • Make use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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Interview scoring Video interviewing personality traits

 video interviewing analysis

Or keep it anonymous

Anonymous Video Interviewing

If you worry about unconscious bias in your hiring process, anonymised video interviewing will help your recruitment teams to make decisions based purely on skill and experience. Using video transcription, recruiters can search and filter candidates based on their video interview answers.

Flexible question builder

Interviewing made simple

Multiple question formats

Our platform allows text, image or video based questions; adapt your interview for different roles.

Pre-record your own questions

The personal touch of a live interview teamed with the convenience of a video interview. Record your questions in video format within the video recruiting platform without being tied to one place and time.

Question library

Store all your pre-recorded questions and interview videos centrally in the cloud. All your content is available anytime, anywhere, from any device. We use military grade encryption to keep your data private and secure.

Video Interviewing benefits


  • Interview more candidates, quickly and consistently
  • Record, save, and share interviews with hiring managers
  • Interview on any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Quickly identify top talent with candidate scoring and rating
  • Remove unconscious bias with anonymous video interviewing
  • Branded and integrated with your own website or ATS


  • Interview at the time and place of their choice
  • No time or expense needed to get to an interview
  • Feel less intimidated in their own environment
  • An innovative way to engage and express personality
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“We have an amazing relationship with Tribepad. They’re extremely efficient, reliable and are a
friendly and approachable team. The training we’ve received has been great too. We love having
face to face meetings and how we’re kept up to date with new feature releases.”
Rick Holt – Operations Talent Lead, KFC


Read more of our client case studies.

One way Video interview time saving calculator

Traditional interviewing wastes time, money and energy.

The return on investment for video interviewing is a no-brainer. Comparing the time and costs of a face-to-face interview with a video interview, it’s clear that video interviewing is incredibly time and cost-effective.

Have it your way

A flexible video interview platform that works seamlessly with your current recruitment processes.
Integrate Tribepad into your ATS, careers site, or use it as a stand alone platform.