Feature configuration

Unparalleled configurability, perfectly matched to your needs

Tribepad Applicant Tracking System has been designed in partnership with recruiters, for recruiters. Because we’ve worked with organisations of differing sizes, industry and geography, we’ve developed an incredible level of configurability. We believe we have the most powerful and flexible ATS on the market. So you benefit from a bespoke solution for an off-the-shelf price.

Tribepad is database driven, so almost every word, image, menu and page can be tailored or hidden, depending on your requirements. User permissions, administration privilege levels, candidate requirements, job descriptions, application journey and workstream features can be configured uniquely to your needs.

We’re an agile business and always evolving. So we regularly release new features into Tribepad, which all clients benefit from. Where you do have bespoke requirements we can develop these faster than our competitors and we don’t believe bespoke should mean expensive.

We always look to the future; our Video Interviewing platform combines facial recognition and artificial intelligence to provide ground-breaking social and psychometric profiling to recruiters.

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