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Seamless integration with leading HR technology providers, so you can manage the entire recruitment process on one platform

Artificial Intelligence


Tribepad is integrated with Amazon Transcribe for automatic speech recognition (ASR) which provides transcripts and closed-captions in real time for video interviews. Find out more


Google Cloud Speech-to-Text converts audio to text using Google’s machine learning technology. This supports voice commands and audio transcription within Tribepad. Find out more


Tribepad Video Interviewing integrates with IBM Watson to predict personality characteristics, needs and values through written text. Find out more

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Broadbean Technology logo


Data analytics software, job distribution and multi-posting technology, CV search software and HR and recruitment technology. Find out more

Click IQ logo

Click IQ

ClickIQ – the smartest tool for the job. Our Automated Talent Attraction Technology can Automate, Manage and Optimise your recruitment strategy. Find out more

Facebook Logo


Facebook integration with Tribepad allows for vacancies to be listed on a company’s Facebook careers page.

Indeed Logo


With Indeed, you can search millions of jobs online to find the next step in your career. With tools for job search, CVs, company reviews and more. Find out more

Twitter logo


The Twitter integration with Tribepad allows for job listings to be shared directly to a company’s Twitter page, on a job by job basis. Find out more

Vacancy Poster Logo

Vacancy Poster

Vacancy Poster job board posting software enables multi-posting to job boards quickly and efficiently allowing applicant tracking and candidate management. Find out more

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Accio Data logo

Accio Data

Accio Enterprise gives you unmatched flexibility to choose criminal data providers, court record retrievers, drug screening labs, employment and education and more. Find out more

First Advantage Logo

First Advantage

First Advantage is committed to providing effortless, global background check services with the right technology and support for your success. Find out more


Onfido helps businesses worldwide manage risk & prevent fraud during the user onboarding with the best identify verification Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Find out more

Sterling logo

Sterling Talent Solutions

Sterling Talent Solutions provides the most complete employment background checks in the world, in addition to DVLA reports, credit enquiries and much more. Find out more


Verifile provides CV verification and background screening services, empowering organisations to make the most informed and mutually rewarding long-term recruitment decisions. Find out more

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Allyo logo


Allyo is an AI recruiter that utilises natural language processing and machine learning to automate and self-optimise the end-to-end recruiting workflow. Find out more

iAdvize logo


Create bots directly from the iAdvize platform or use a third-party chatbot. Add text, images, links or questions and build scenarios. Find out more

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Candidate Assessment

ABIntegro logo


ABIntegro are committed to empowering clients with innovative, easy-to-use careers solutions that enable them to improve the career prospects of their employees, students, customers, and communities. Find out more

Amberjack logo


Multi award winning intelligent technology solutions designed to identify potential and deliver the ultimate efficiency, effectiveness and candidate experience. Find out more

Chemistry Group logo

The Chemistry Group

Chemistry Group is the only people consultancy in the world which provides insights and predictions into employee performance & talent attraction. Operating globally, Chemistry Group use their unique methodologies and software to help businesses improve their employee and talent acquisition performance, identifying the right people for the business.

Geektastic logo


Geektastic streamlines tech sourcing, recruiting and hiring. Our peer-reviewed code challenges identify the most talented software engineering candidates. Find out more

Hire Vue logo


HireVue transforms the hiring & recruiting process by providing enterprises with an all-in-one video interview & pre-hire assessment solution. Find out more

Korn Ferry logo

Korn Ferry

Assessments used by companies to measure personality, ability, competency and motivation at work through psychometric assessments, interviews and assessment centres.. Find out more

Predictive Hire

PredictiveHire, it’s about time. Finding your dream candidate from an endless talent pool is an incredibly time-absorbing challenge. PredictiveHire acts on your behalf to interview every candidate in-depth and at scale. That way, you get interview results in real-time and you can start with those who obtain a ‘yes’ prediction first. The result is 95% saving in time and costs. Get in touch, … and think about what you will do with all the spare time you now have..


SHL provides deep people insights to predict and drive workforce performance. Find out more

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Candidate Experience

Mystery Applicant logo

Mystery Applicant

Mystery Applicant is an award winning HR SaaS tool that automates the capture of Candidate and Hiring Manager feedback, creating amazing insights that will power your recruitment strategy. Find out more

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Adobe Sign logo

Adobe Sign

With Adobe Sign helping you digitally route and track documents for signing, you give your customers a convenient, modern way to sign electronically that also grows your business. Find out more

DocuSign logo


DocuSign provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services. DocuSign provides authentication services, user identity management and workflow automation. Find out more

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Fourth Logo


Hospitality-specific technology, services, and analytics to manage your workforce and inventory. Find out more

MHR Logo

MHR and iTrent

MHR are the UK creators of iTrent, an industry-leading multi award-winning and fully integrated HR and payroll software solutions provider. Find out more

Open HR Logo


OpenHR manages HR and different employment contract types including those who are self-employed, freelancers, contracted personnel, who provide added value to the business.

Oracle PeopleSoft Logo

Oracle and PeopleSoft

Supporting HR functions including payroll and performance management, using features such as budget reports, employee development and performance data management. Find out more


Manage a modern, global workforce with flexible cloud solutions for core human resources, payroll, HR service delivery, and visa and permits management. Find out more


Transform old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows, so employees and customers get what they need, when they need it—fast, simple, easy. Find out more

WorkDay Logo


Designed from scratch in partnership with our customers, Workday Human Resource Management meets all your enterprise human capital management needs in one system. Find out more


Zellis is the new name behind ResourceLink, previously they were NGA.  Zellis helps HR leaders unlock the true value of their diverse workforce focusing on customer value, based on almost 50 years of experience in HR. Find out more

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Job Boards

Indeed Logo


With Indeed, candidates can search millions of jobs online. This integration supports candidate hand over from the job board, reducing drop offs and increasing conversions. Find out more

StepStone Logo

Stepstone Brands

With our job site brands, we make sure the right candidates find the right job with the right employer. On a global level StepStone operates several job boards. Find out more

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Facebook logo


Tribepad integrates with Facebook to allow candidates to authenticate their login, and create an account within Tribepad using their credentials. Find out more

LinkedIn Logo


Tribepad integrates with LinkedIn to allow candidates to authenticate their login, and create an account within Tribepad using their credentials. Additionally, it allows candidates to parse information from their LinkedIn profile to their Tribepad profile including experience, education, skills and recommendations. Further information candidates can parse include primary email address and other contact information. Find out more

Twitter logo


Tribepad integrates with Twitter to allow candidates to authenticate their login, and use their credentials to create an account within Tribepad. Find out more

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HireVue logo


HireVue transforms the hiring and recruiting process by providing enterprises with an all-in-one video interview & pre-hire assessment solution. Find out more

Meetr Logo


Meetr is a video interviewing software solution that enables recruiters and hiring managers to streamline the candidate screening process. Find out more

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