Return on investment

G4S saved over £1 million in recruitment costs in the first year

Tribepad was founded with the mission to reduce the costs of finding the best talent, whilst making it easier for candidates to showcase themselves. We’re confident that as well as improving hiring outcomes, your business will see a significant return on investment by using our recruitment software.

Reduction in external recruitment costs

Our smart analytics mean understanding which recruitment channels are performing best, makes optimisation a breeze. Reallocating and reducing job board and recruitment agency spend is no longer guesswork. Direct candidate attraction and use of talent pools for secondary recruitment reduces third party spend further.

Within the first year of using Tribepad, we increased internal mobility and staff retention by 35% and also saw a 40% drop in agency costs almost immediately.” 

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Increasing candidate quantity & quality

With Tribepad talent pools you’ll find more candidates, better candidates and more engaged candidates which will increase staff retention rates. Implementing Tribepad recruitment software led to a 113% increase in applications in 2016 for Exclusive Hotels and Venues.

Since using Tribepad we’ve already seen an increase in the number and the quality of candidates applying for our vacancies. As a result of this there is a less of a need to use job boards.” 


Reducing time to hire

With a clear and simple structure for job creation and approval Tribepad makes it quicker and simpler to create vacancies. Our vacancy marketing tool means posting to thousands of job boards takes just a few seconds. Combined with automating candidate communication and interview scheduling, this all radically reduces time to hire.

“Speedy have saved at least three FTE through the amount of automation and the ease of use the platform provides. This has led to an increase in productivity from the recruitment team, focusing on core activities and engaging on a higher level with applicants.

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Generate internal efficiencies

Automation is where Tribepad Applicant Tracking System really comes into its own; email communication with candidates and interview scheduling means your hiring team can reduce their time spent on administration.

“Because of the automation benefits Tribepad gives us, we can now handle 20,000 graduate applicants each year, with a team of just three recruiters.”