Smarter recruitment

TribePad is a complete recruitment system designed to streamline your hiring processes, saving you time and money.

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Decrease time to hire

Whether you’re looking to recruit 1 or 100, TribePad allows you to quickly identify and process the right candidates for your business. Read more

Reduce agency usage

Develop your talent pooling or search and filter TribePad’s 35million CVs to find and recruit top talent. Outsource no more! – Read more

Making informed decisions

TribePad has real time, evidence-based analytics. Allowing you to promote your jobs to the right people and improve talent attraction.

Secure the right candidates

TribePad uses profile tagging and talent pooling to help you find candidates with the right skill sets for current or future roles. All our tools are designed to make it easier to find the right candidate quicker.

The numbers (in 18 months)

35 millionCandidates

+100kjobs posted

5 millioncandidates processed

Candidate Engagment

We look to make the candidate experience as smooth as possible. If 50 candidates apply and only 1 can get the job, we need to ensure that the other 49 still want to work for you.

Working together

Our clients are passionate people who care about what they do. We’re committed to providing them with everything they need to find the right people for their business.

  • "We are starting to see some significant ROI in terms of cost saving, reduction in time to hire and greater engagement"- Head of Resourcing, Sodexo

Search as it was meant to be

TribePad has Boolean, semantic and faceted search in one easy to use tool. Mix and match the 3 techniques to get the most powerful search tool on the market. Search your database, TribePad’s database, the internet and candidate files.

TribePad’s guarantee to our valued customers

  • Provide the best solution at the best price in the market
  • The ability to find the best talent in the market
  • Deliver a platform which is continuously developed with new features and benefits
  • Listen to our customers and proactively ask for feedback
  • Maximise efficiency through automation
  • Remain agile and responsive to our customers needs

Engaged and social

Candidates can register using LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Recruiters can share jobs across social media sites and 1200+ job boards, create community landing pages and talent communities to engage with candidates faster and more effectively.

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