The global giant Tesco, founded in 1919, is the second largest retailer in the world (measured by revenues). Tesco occupies a large proportion of the market share (approximately 28.4%) and has stores in 12 countries across Asia and Europe.

With stores worldwide, Tesco required a platform that could be multilingual to support the different languages in their regions.

“We are a team of over 480,000 people dedicated to serving shoppers a little better every day”. Our operations in the UK are the largest within the Group, with over 3500 stores and over 310,000 colleagues.”  Tesco Website


Tesco have multiple schemes to ensure that the recruitment process is simple for both the candidate and recruiter but is adaptable enough to cater for different requirements for the different schemes. Schemes include:

  • Early Careers Programme: Tesco work closely with talent fresh from schools, colleges and universities. It is open to everyone who wishes to progress into a career with Tesco. Tesco receive tens of thousands of applications every year for a place on the programme.
  • Guaranteed interview scheme for disabled applicants: Supporting those with disabilities through the recruitment process, automatically progressing qualified candidates with disabilities through to the interview stage.
  • The Northern Ireland fair employment legislation: Support regulatory reporting requirements

Tesco has adopted TribePad’s Applicant Tracking System for the entire global recruitment process.

The Challenge

Prior to signing TribePad, Tesco used multiple systems to manage their recruitment process. With stores worldwide and no singular recruitment system to manage, process and track applicants, recruitment was a challenge for Tesco. Recruiters and hiring managers therefore had a disconnected workflow and applicants were faced with a poor candidate experience.

Before TribePad, if a candidate wished to apply for multiple roles within different areas of the business, the candidate would have been required to create multiple accounts. Tesco needed something more self-serve for the candidate in order to make applying for vacancies simple whilst keeping them informed throughout the process. This would limit the number of staff Tesco required to support the recruitment process.

Recruiters required the ability to report on the entire hiring process across the global business, identifying where successes were and what areas needed improvement. With multiple areas and levels within the business, Tesco needed a system that allowed users to see and do different things dependent upon their role.
Large amounts of time was wasted to make sense of the analytics and data presented by the different systems as there was no centralised reporting solution. With millions of candidates and applications flooding through the door, management of the hiring process proved near impossible and the potential for inaccurate information increased.

The TribePad Solution

TribePad is built with the user in mind, adapting with businesses as they grow. The system is designed so that the recruiter would only ever need the one system to manage the entire hiring process.
A single ATS that could support various workflows in complex organisations meant that Tesco would be presented with great benefits.


Benefits gained by choosing TribePad’s ATS:


A simplified and efficient recruitment process-

  • CV Search: Locate the best talent searching through millions of applications in less than 1 second. Process, screen and filter applications in a reduced time, improving conversion rates and time to hire.
  • Talent Pooling: It’s important to attract and engage with the best talent to help fill vacancies for future roles. Talent Pooling enables recruiters to locate talent quicker and easier, improving the time it takes to hire candidates whilst saving money on advertising costs, agencies and job boards.
  • One system: Allowing for jobs, applications, and key information to be shared with all recruiters across the globe. No need to switch between systems, copying or pasting or merging spreadsheets.
  • Right to Work: Helps Tesco with their right to work and background checks, decreasing the time to hire.
    Increased understanding of candidate: Working with third parties including SHL, to assess the candidate using psychometric, skills and knowledge testing.
  • Pre-screening Questionnaires: Save time and expense by filtering out candidates that aren’t qualified for a role with killer questions. Gain an improved understanding of the candidate at the start of the recruitment process

An improved user experience-

  • Improvement to candidate engagement: Recruiters spend less time supporting candidates applying for vacancies, and more time building relationships with them.
  • Improved visibility and mobile optimisation: Candidates can manage their profile, search for roles and apply for vacancies using their mobiles, tablets and other devices.
  • Branded careers page for a consistent experience
  • CV Parsing: Parsing a CV document or LinkedIn account, making applying for jobs quicker and easier than ever before for the candidate.
  • Upload supporting videos/audio/portfolio- Gain a more complete picture of the candidate with 3D profiles
  • Suggested candidates- The ATS suggests candidates to the recruiter based on  keywords matched on the job description and candidate’s profile, saving further time and resources.

Improved data analytics with centralised reporting system-

  • Data Analytics: Real-time data organised into easy to understand reports and graphs. Identify successes and areas for improvement. Focussing efforts on the areas that matter most.
  • Recruitment insights: Recruiters can see the ROI from job boards, view the number of open and expired vacancies, day to day tasks plus the number of applications received per day.

Return on Investment and Impact

Since integrating with TribePad in 2014, Tesco have received millions of applications, with millions of candidates successfully processed through the platform. The number of applications have increased since taking on TribePad and continue to increase year on year. Take a look at the Tesco Careers Centre.


Over 45% of traffic comes from smartphones, tablets or phablets. In the first quarter of 2016, daily traffic to the careers page increased by 53% and the number of searches for vacancies with Tesco increased by 57%.

Tesco have hundreds of talent pools thriving with high quality candidates, which will result in significant savings in advertising and sourcing costs, decreasing time to hire and filling vacancies with the very best talent. Talent pooling has also improved the candidate experience by enhancing communication and engagement between them and the recruiter.

TribePad also automatically suggests candidates to recruiters for their vacancies, effectively creating talent pools for them. This has created additional time and cost savings within the hiring process.

Vacancies are filled with more qualified talent. The TribePad solution provides Tesco with an improved understanding and insight into each individual candidate though pre-screening questionnaires, third party integration and the ability for candidates to upload supporting documentation.

In short, TribePad provides Tesco with one unified system for their different recruitment teams across the world, enhancing the hiring process for both candidate and recruiter.

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