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Tribepad gains ‘Made in Sheffield’ accreditation

October 20, 2017 9:27 am by
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Made in Sheffield

The Tribepad team are celebrating gaining ‘Made in Sheffield’ accreditation this morning!

We’re immensely proud to contribute to Sheffield’s current and future heritage of innovation. ‘Made in Sheffield’ is a recognised brand worldwide, synonymous with quality engineering going back centuries.

The organisation behind ‘Made in Sheffield’ says it right on their website:

“There’s no doubt about it: Sheffield is a great place to be at the moment. From the recent regeneration of the city centre to the vibrancy of the arts scene and the strength of our local economy, everything seems to be on the up. It is a truly a jewel set in a stunning crown of green.”

Tribepad was awarded the accreditation in recognition of its innovative recruitment software which is 100% produced in Sheffield. Neil Armstrong, Tribepad’s Commercial Director said,

“We’re really proud to be in Sheffield. We’re increasingly dealing with companies outside the UK and the Made in Sheffield brand is respected the world over.”

Find out more about Tribepad and our story. We’re also hiring – see what it’s like to work with us.

Made In Sheffield Tribepad

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